Willow Creek, Little Cypress Creek, and Clear Creek MAAPnext

As part of the MAAPnext (Modeling, Assessment, and Awareness Project) program led by Harris County Flood Control District, in conjunction with FEMA, Pape-Dawson created peer-reviewed 1D/2D watershed-wide modeling and mapping of existing creek conditions. Our role in the modeling of these three watersheds was to calibrate hydrology and hydraulics against historic events, including Hurricane Harvey, to develop updated regulatory FEMA products at a high level of detail.

Additional products are being produced to aide local regulatory agencies in identifying flood risk outside of the riverine flooding areas and identifying flood prevention projects. The combination of validated, defensible methodologies with historically calibrated and scalable results, allows for capturing watershed-wide flood risk in robust models that are easily available to accommodate changes.

Little Cypress modeling 1
Little Cypress modeling 2
Little Cypress modeling 3
Willow Creek
Willow Creek
Willow Creek

Highlighted Floodplain Management and Modeling Projects

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