Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnering with firms that embody our mission statement: to be the most respected engineering
and professional services firm in our geographic and technical areas of practice.

Why Partner with Pape-Dawson?

As a leading provider of engineering and consulting services since 1965, Pape-Dawson offers a large network of resources and a rich company culture founded on integrity. Joining the Pape-Dawson family means you will be able to expand your current service offerings, utilize resources across a diverse technical and geographic network, offer world-class benefits and career opportunities to your employees, and grow your shareholder equity alongside us — without compromising your autonomy and values. We want you to be part of our future success and a part of our team, and that’s why most of our acquisition partners continue as major shareholders in Pape-Dawson post-acquisition.

Thoughtful Integration

When you join the Pape-Dawson family, we work to maintain the areas of your firm’s business that have made it successful, while providing you with expanded resources, support, and expertise to continue to grow. While we integrate high-level systems and processes, we aim to minimize change as much as possible to provide a smooth transition for your employees, projects, and clients.

Shared Values

We are committed to our employees and focused on improving quality of life and economic opportunities in the communities we serve. Our success is accomplished through a united commitment to our core values of respect, responsiveness, excellence, integrity, hard work, and family. If you are a like-minded firm that shares similar goals and values, we invite you to grow and serve with us.

The Pape-Dawson Family

As a 30+ year old firm not looking to sell, joining the Pape-Dawson family of companies was a monumental decision for Costello. Pape-Dawson offered such an intriguing mix of cultural fit, proven integrity, and outstanding opportunity that we had to consider it. Since making the decision to join Pape-Dawson, I can honestly say that the leadership team stands behind what they say and have treated everyone on our team like valued work family. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

Dustin O'Neal, P.E.

CEO, Costello

Not only were we able to strengthen our capabilities and commitments, but we also felt supported and validated in our dedication to service, client, and community. We knew it was going to be a good fit from the very first meeting.

Michael Dowdey, P.E.

Principal, Dowdey, Anderson & Associates


Circle of Excellence

Joining Pape-Dawson means that you will be a part of a diversified and financially stable engineering company. In addition to being ranked as a top engineering firm in the United States, we are proud to have been named a Circle of Excellence Firm by PSMJ Resources, 8 of the last 10 years – an award which recognizes the top 20% of A/E/C firms based on 13 key performance metrics related to profitability, low turnover, business development, and staff growth. Pape-Dawson’s commitment to excellence extends past our products of service. Our executive leadership team consistently strives to build an environment that promotes employee satisfaction and successful business operations.

Interested in Pape-Dawson?

For inquires and information regarding acquisition opportunities, please contact:

Brian Kirkpatrick, Director of Corporate Development
(561) 644-4517

Awards & Recognitions

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