Wastewater Infrastructure Design

Pape-Dawson understands the complexities and demands of planning for the design of wastewater infrastructure. A well-designed, well-built wastewater collection system and treatment plant is one of the most critical components of a city – big or small. Insufficient wastewater collection infrastructure can wreak havoc on a city, causing significant health risks to the population and halting commercial and residential development. Whether your community requires an upgrade, is in need of new infrastructure, or is considering joining forces with nearby communities for long-term regional planning, Pape-Dawson is equipped to meet your wastewater infrastructure needs in a safe, cost-effective manner, while following strict federal, state, and city quality regulations and guidelines.

For more than half a century, we have partnered with large and small cities, using the most innovative technology to install effective, reliable automation and controls systems, improve operations, and most importantly, ensure communities remain safe and healthy.

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