APEX is Pape-Dawson’s Academy for Professional Excellence, founded with the purpose of providing development resources and training to employees to support both personal and professional growth. In the last year alone, APEX has hosted 95 technical training sessions and 40 personal and wellness development programs.

As a project engineer looking towards moving to a PM role in the next year or so, I feel this training has given me a head start in my career path

Project Engineer

The training provided useful tactics based on different scenarios that the project manager will experience. The project planning resources and tactics provided were very informative and gave new and different perspectives.

Senior Project Manager

As a recently promoted PM, I really felt that this program helped me. It gave me some initial tools and better understanding as to my new role.

Project Manager

The training included actionable items to help with day-to-day work, ideas for direct and concise meetings to promote efficiency, and tips to plan and organize a project right from the beginning.

Project Manager



Pape-Dawson’s internal university–APEX–is championed by our Chief Employee Engagement Officer, Brad Hunt. An engineer himself, Brad discovered the importance of ongoing professional training and organizational development to create success in all sizes and types of firms.

Brad has more than 35 years of experience working with every type of organization, including Fortune 100 firms, tech start-ups, non-profits, higher education, and government/public sector entities. Having led successful projects and initiatives on five continents, he is constantly adding and improving Pape-Dawson’s learning and development programs, tools and systems to create exciting growth opportunities for every employee of our firm.

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