Angela Livingston, CP, CMS-LIDAR, GISP

Vice President, Geospatial Services

16 March 2023

Angela Livingston, CP, CMS-LIDAR, GISP Promoted to Vice President, Geospatial Services

Austin, TX – (March 16, 2023) Pape-Dawson Engineers is proud to announce the promotion of Angela Livingston, CP, CMS-LiDAR, GISP to Vice President, Geospatial Services. Ms. Livingston has been practicing in her profession for 24 years and has been an invaluable member of the Pape-Dawson team for 10 years. In her new role, Ms. Livingston will continue to lead Pape-Dawson’s geospatial department and keep the company on the forefront of leading-edge technology to better serve our clients.


Ms. Livingston is an expert in geospatial mapping and 3D laser scanning, which includes terrestrial, aerial, and mobile platforms. Her achievements at Pape-Dawson include building the company’s geospatial department from the ground up and leading the team in performing aerial mapping of more than 37,000 acres in Central Texas. Her technical expertise, skills, and extensive knowledge of aerial LiDAR mapping technology have been critical to the successful delivery of hundreds of Pape-Dawson projects.


“We could not be happier to have Ms. Livingston continue her excellent work through this leadership position,” says David Casanova, RPLS, Senior Vice President – Survey. “Her contributions to the success of our company have been immeasurable, and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth of this team under her forward-thinking guidance.”


Ms. Livingston earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University. She serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors – Chapter 13 and is a member of the working group for Accreditation of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.


Press Release: Angela Livingston, CP, CMS-LIDAR, GISP Promoted to Vice President, Geospatial Services

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