The Domain South End District

Pape-Dawson prepared presentation visuals for Stonelake Partners to show to prospective investors and tenants for the undeveloped portion of the southeast corner of the Domain. The number of traditional renderings that would have been required to adequately depict the project would have been unmanageable and expensive.

Pape-Dawson worked with the project team, including architects, landscape architects, planners and GIS experts, to identify the appropriate technology and build a virtual reality model that would allow the audience to experience the proposed development firsthand, through a headset. The Domain virtual reality allowed the audience to easily visualize the proposed development and also allowed the opportunity for numerous perspective points that were helpful in decision-making.

The Domain South End District surveying 1
The Domain South End District surveying 2
The Domain South End District surveying 3

Other Construction Layout Surveying Projects

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