Loop 1604 East

This project included the design and construction of two 2,100’ prestressed I-beam bridges over Saltillo Creek and a tributary within the storage area of Martinez Dam 6a. Pape-Dawson mitigated fill and analyzed and designed retaining walls within the storage area to mitigate the rapid draw down conditions experienced during a major flood event. In collaboration with the client, contractor, and supplier, the project was one of the first in the state to use precast, prestressed concrete bent caps, resulting in significant savings in both time and budget. These designs were consequently used as a basis to develop standard design specifications used throughout the state. Another notable element of this project was the use of timber matting and environmental sensitive construction techniques to construct the bridge substructure in this environmentally sensitive (wetland) area. This project also required coordination with the Federal Highway Administration on construction elevation restrictions due to the proximity of Randolph Air Force Base flight paths.

Loop-1604-East 1
Loop-1604-East 2
Loop-1604-East 3

Highlighted Bridge Replacement Projects

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