Great Hearts

Pape-Dawson worked together with this charter school design team to create a functional campus on a complicated site in a prime location.

As civil engineer, Pape-Dawson worked closely with the established Great Hearts team during project development to identify site constraints impacting development of the 15-acre project site as a charter school to accommodate 1,300 students, as well as a soccer field. The charter school use for this property allowed creative planning and design to overcome significant site constraints that other potential users of the property were not able to accommodate. During feasibility, we provided cost estimates to assist the Great Hearts team with budgeting and phasing the project, and during master planning, we aligned site driveways around a sensitive geologic feature. We designed around significant onsite challenges, including limited impervious cover, extreme topography, floodplain, tree preservation, water quality, overhead transmission lines, and unique traffic control. The adjacent street improvements required us to design a nonstandard street cross section in order to accommodate the conveyance of the 100-year floodplain and provide an alternate path for pedestrians. We also prepared a detailed drainage analysis for the alternative design to support permitting. 

US 281 North Phase 2
US 281 North Phase 2

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