Statewide TxDOT Pedestrian
Access Inventory

Pape-Dawson efficiently mapped, cataloged, and analyzed all owned assets within multiple TxDOT districts. TxDOT planned to create renovation projects from the acquired documentation, prioritizing cities and sites with the highest need and ADA deficiencies.

Our team used GIS technology to provide extensive data on thousands of intersections, curbs, sidewalks, push button signals, curb ramps, bus stop pads, bike lanes, and island curb cuts. For efficiency, when measuring longer stretches of sidewalk, Pape-Dawson staff used innovative technology to collect slope, cross slope, heavings, gaps, and sidewalk length. We also documented each push button signal and amount of pound force needed for activation.

Pape-Dawson was originally assigned eight districts; however, due to our efficient data collection process, our team collected in-depth documentation for 13 districts – a total of 125 counties.

TxDot Statewide Pedestrian Access Inventory project

Highlighted Pedestrian and Bicycle Amenity Projects

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