Dittmar Condominiums

Pape-Dawson was responsible for civil engineering for this 50-unit, 12-acre residential condominium in Austin. We managed paving, grading, drainage, utility infrastructure, and pedestrian and traffic control.

Because the condominium site abuts South Congress Avenue, improvements within the right-of-way were simultaneously permitted with the City of Austin and TxDOT.

The complex is also located within the South Boggy Creek watershed, which is classified as a suburban watershed. Extensive drainage analyses were provided to the City for regional stormwater management participation, floodplain delineation, erosion hazard zone analysis, critical water quality buffer zone averaging, and water quality treatment design.

The internal water and wastewater systems were permitted as public infrastructure and required coordination with Austin Water Utility for an internal water model, easement preparation for non-standard assignments in private streets, and connections to existing infrastructure.

Dittmar Condos in Austin 1
Dittmar Condos in Austin 2
Dittmar Condos in Austin 3

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