CoSA Public Works
Construction Inspection Task Order

Pape-Dawson has been providing construction management services for the City of San Antonio Public Works Department, acting as a liaison between contractors and City staff. Our construction management team currently coordinates with the Department on multiple concurrent street rehabilitation projects to conduct preliminary site visits and design reviews.

We support the City with construction services from pre-design through design, bidding, construction, post-construction, and closeout, such as construction activities/field employee management, construction compliance monitoring, progress report tracking, construction sequencing, material test report collection/verification, stormwater tracking, stakeholder communication, regulatory agency coordination, site inspections, quality assurance, and payment calculation for contractor reimbursement.

A key component to the success of this project has been Pape-Dawson’s approach to public outreach. Our team makes every effort to personally contact property owners by handing out construction notice flyers and speaking with property owner’s door-to-door for each street rehabilitation project. We address homeowner complaints with compassion and understanding, and coordinate resolution with the contractor and City personnel to investigate justified needs.

Concrete Preparation
Flatwork Preparation
Curb Placement
Concrete Demo Placement
Street Reconstruction
Subgrade Preparation 2
Subgrade Preparation 1

Other Construction Management and Inspection Projects

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