The Oxbow and Credit Human

Pape-Dawson conducted master planning, low impact development water design, platting, and traffic impact studies for the 12-story, 200,000-SF Oxbow building housing the Credit Human headquarters. Pape-Dawson addressed challenges posed by the downtown setting by relocating utilities, rebuilding Avenue B for driver and bicyclist safety, improving traffic signals, and conducting extensive environmental work.

The building was designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce water demand, and reduce carbon production by featuring a one-megawatt solar array, geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater storage tanks to reduce water demand, and low impact development features to reduce stormwater runoff.

This project is working to obtain LEED Platinum certification, the highest energy-efficiency certification within the industry.

Floyd Curl green street 1
Floyd Curl green street 2
Floyd Curl green street 3
Floyd Curl green street 4

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