WECO Pump Station

Pape-Dawson designed a new water production facility to provide up to 15 MGD of potable water from the Trinity Aquifer to San Antonio Water System. The new facilities integrated 11 new and seven existing water wells with related piping networks.

The new well field piping integrates an existing second well field to deliver water into a series of prestressed concrete storage tanks for blending and supply. The project created three ground storage tanks, a high-service pump station, water quality sensors, and real-time data analysis through a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Pape-Dawson’s involvement extended beyond project design. We also provided permitting and construction phase services, maintained regular communication with the site owner, and assisted with the selection of construction contractors and equipment vendors. Once the project was completed, we assisted in the initial startup and equipment calibration for the pump station, flow meters, and SCADA system, establishing protocols for all facilities.

WECO Pump Station 1
WECO Pump Station 2
WECO Pump Station 3

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