Rivercrest Bend

Rivercrest Bend is an 80-lot, high-end residential community located at the south bend of the Trinity River near Downtown Fort Worth. Pape-Dawson worked with the City of Fort Worth to take the project from conceptual planning efforts through the preliminary and final platting process. Our engineers coordinated with the Trinity River Water District (TRWD) and other agencies to meet all TRWD water quality requirements.

Through HEC-RAS modeling, we concluded that stormwater would drain from future tracts into the current development project. With the creative use of open channels, our engineers designed a system of temporary swales to capture runoff from the upstream tracts and safely reroute the water into a flood control sump located behind the Trinity River levee until permanent drainage fixtures are created during future development.

Rivercrest Bend in Ft. Worth 1
Rivercrest Bend in Ft. Worth 2

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